Painting Your Pool? Know How to Select the Best Paint for Your Swimming Pool
If you want a stunning, seamless and long lasting pool; you ought to find the best pool paint. As such, you need to be extra careful when choosing the best paint for your pool. Compared to tiles, cleaning a painted pool becomes easy as there are no sharp edges, and you don't have to think about tiles weakening. In this regard, this article will discuss the three types of pool paints which include the water-based acrylic, premium acrylic, and epoxy.

One of the best pool paint that dries at a faster rate is the water-based acrylic paint. This pool paint requires just six dry days for indoor pools and three days for outdoor pools. For this reason, it becomes the right paint for pools that need to be refilled after application.

Another pool paint that you can apply to your pool is referred to as the epoxy paint. This solvent-based paint can last longer than other pool paints and it is unaffected by chemicals, blemishes, UV rays and is not easily damaged. Also referred to as Marine Paint, this pool paint has a lifespan of eight years and it is divided into two categories - the hardener and resin. Apart from being applied to previously unpainted pools, this paint can also be applied in plaster, gunite and fiberglass pool along with repainting pools that had epoxy paint. Finding the ideal color for your pool is not hard as epoxy pool paint has a broad range of colors.

Premium acrylic is the third type of paint that you can use on your swimming pool. In place of synthetic and chlorinated rubber-based paints, paint manufacturers came up with premium acrylic pool paint since it adhered to the environmental regulations regarding volatile organic compounds. This paint can last up to 4 years and can be used for painting unpainted plaster and concrete pools as well as repainting surfaces that were painted with acrylic pool paint. The good thing about this paint is that it can be applied to damp surfaces and has a seamless finish especially when it is dry. However, you cannot use it on fiberglass and wood surfaces or baths. Also view  this

Premium acrylic and epoxy pool paints are ideal for unpainted plaster and concrete pools. Waterbased acrylic and premium acrylic paints should be used on surfaces that had earlier been painted with acrylic or synthetic rubber-based pool paints. On the other hand, epoxy pool paint is ideal for unpainted gunite or fiberglass as well as old epoxy coating.

Before you even embark on buying paint for your pool, it is good to understand that the quantity of paint you are going to use will be determined by the pool paint you select and the surface of application. Visit