Best Tips on How to Paint a Pool

Painting a surface is a way of turning the look of a place into something good. It transforms a place and gives it an elegant look. There are various types of paint colors and are also a better option for surface since paint isn't expensive. Below are some steps to follow before painting a pool. Tips like picking paint, setting the pool and many more that will be discussed here. Read on  how to seal a concrete pool

Select the Appropriate Weather
Doing any painting job requires timing. You don't want to paint during the season of rain.All the paint will definitely be washed off; pick summer. The quality of the painting job can be affected by both weather and temperature.Ensure that the painting and drying period is enough.

Purchase the paint
Not all paints are usable on pools. Having the knowledge that the pool retains water for a long period means that a special pool paint is to be used. Paint has a variety of colors so be sure to select the paint of your choice. When it comes to colors ensure to select a color that fits the surrounding. Knowing that the reason for the pool is relaxation then don't go for dull colors.

Ready Your Pool for Painting
One of the preparation activities involved is emptying the pool.The pool should be emptied and left to dry. Introduction of a drying machine can be done if you so desire. Cleaning the pool is another preparation.You want a clean surface that you will paint on. The floor or wall surface should not contain sand or dust particles.If the pool was painted before then it will need scraping to get rid of the loose paint. Pool preparation involves scrubbing and rinsing of the surface to remove oils. These are just but a few though critical. Continue reading here  how much paint do i need for my pool

Start Painting the Pool
With the right prep and enough drying period of the pool, then you can start the painting process. With some rough surfaces on the floor due to the previous paintwork then add a primer. Adding the primer ensure the best strong bonds and also provide a great finish.During the painting ensure to start painting from the deep end.You don't want to get yourself cornered by starting from the shallow end going to the deep end.

After Applying Paint
Now that you are done painting you need to let the paint to dry for a couple of days, maybe between three to five days. After the pool is finally dried and ready for use you can now fill in water till its level full. Pour in the correct amount of chlorine and carry on with the filtering process and eventually proceed with the normal maintenance process. Also see